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Conservation and Restoration Project.

Turn your way into an unforgettable adventure and cross the historic bridge of Kolyu Ficheto - a symbol of our cultural heritage and an amazing landscape that will leave you breathless!

About the bridge

A revival treasure will shine again

The bridge in Byala, built by Kolyu Ficheto between 1865-1867, had become the symbol of the town. It is considered one of the most enviable achievements of the Bulgarian Revival engineering and architectural construction. It is located 1 km from Byala, right next to the main road E-85, and until recently it was used as a detour route in need. 


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Self-taught genius - Was Kolyu Ficheto truly like that?

On the line between two centuries

The year is 1800 and the Bulgarian Revival is underway.  An aspiration of a nation towards change in cultural, socioeconomic, and political life is becoming more tangible.  In these eventful times of growth and progress, Nikola Ivanov Fichev was born in Dryanovo village, or as he’s known today as ustà(trans. from Turkish, master) Kolyu Ficheto.
He was called a "self-taught, simple man," yet this should not be interpreted literally. He began his craftsmanship from an early age and continued to evolve even after his public recognition. His skills were not acquired in vain, instead he “gathered” them for many years with great effort.  Ficheto perfected every movement of the hand, mastered the subtleties of the craft, looked for inspiration in old books, and drew ideas from secular buildings. 


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